The YogaShak | About The YogaShak Yoga Studio
The YogaShak is a yoga studio located in Ashburn, Virginia. We offer both heated and non-heated vinyasa yoga, yin yoga and innovative therapeutic yoga classes, personalized instruction, and yoga teacher education from experienced, certified yoga instructors in a positive and supportive environment.
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Welcome to The YogaShak

The YogaShak Is A Yoga Studio Located In Ashburn, Virginia

Offering Heated Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga Classes,

Personalized Instruction, and Yoga Teacher Education From

Experienced Instructors In A Positive and Supportive Environment.

What’s Up With The Name?

Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word “Yug”, which means to yoke, connect.

“Shak” is a Sanskrit word that means “to (be able)”.

The YogaShak literally means “to connect”.

Our mantra is…

You connect here,
You grow here,
You are safe here,
You belong here.

We Are Here For You

The YogaShak is here to help you achieve wellness. It is a sacred space for your body, mind and spirit.

We are committed to safe practices with a compassionate and therapeutic approach.

Yoga Is For Everyone

We believe yoga is for everyone–all ages and all abilities.

You start your practice where you are and work from there.

And practice is just that–practice.

Rather than working towards external goals, you develop a deeper and deeper understanding of yourself as your practice progresses.

As you do this, we help you achieve a deeper and stronger physical and mental practice.