The YogaShak | The YogaShak Team
The YogaShak team has years of experience and training. Learn about each of us and then come and visit to meet our team and experience the best yoga in Loudoun County.
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The YogaShak Team

Kelly Armstrong – E-RYT® 500, C-IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist, YACEP®

Secret super power: Belly rolls. I love dance and movement! In addition to yoga, I have studied Martial Arts and Belly Dance.
Best advice: Make time for self-care.
Worst advice: Keep your friends close; Keep your enemies closer.
Makes you laugh: Life ~ I believe a healthy dose of laughter is integral to making it through this life with an open heart and clear mind.
Turns you on: Authenticity!
Favorite moment in a Yoga class: When you feel a “shift”….typically happens when you least expect it and finally let go of striving/expectation, then “BAM!” it happens and your like “Mmmmmmmmmmm……….”
Trainings: Dynamic Power Yoga Plus! with Suze Curtis; several 200® RYT Vinyasa Yoga programs, Yoga Therapy with Wisdom Method School of Yoga. I have had the honor of studying with Bryan Kest, Erich Schiffmann, Ricky Tran (to name a few) and I continue to learn as a consistent student of Yoga.
Guilty pleasure: Chick-fil-a Frosted Lemonade.

Natalia Bykova – RYT® 200

Secret super power: Family travel agent.
Best advice: Be kind to people and to yourself.
Worst Advice: “Time heals all wounds” and “Try to fit in”.
Makes you laugh: My kids, my dog.
Turns you on: Intelligent and humble people.
Favorite moment in a Yoga class: Feeling inspired by your teacher.
Trainings: RYT 200 hour training and continuous learning every day.
Guilty pleasure: Tea with chocolates.

Claudia Callahan – RYT® 200

Secret super power: I can make the best guacamole in the world.
Best advice: Don’t use the word HATE, it only brings negativity to you.
Worst Advice: Wait for tomorrow.
Makes you laugh: My family and friends. Also when I’m nervous.
Turns you on: Coffee with creamer.
Trainings: RYT 200 hr
Guilty pleasure: Hershey’s Cookies and Cream candy bar, Toblerone, or Dove bar with chocolate and Almonds

Karen Duncan – RYT® 200

Secret super power: I’m a human igloo. I wear a wool turtleneck into every hottie & somehow I’m still cold.
Best advice: Strangers are friends we just haven’t met yet.
Worst Advice: No pain, no gain.
Makes you laugh: Myself! I’m Very silly & I truly believe I’m a riot – NO one else agrees w/me but my sister (and I’m her favorite unemployed comedian!)
Turns you on: Watching my awesome hubby be a great father to our 3 miracles!
Favorite moment in a Yoga class: When I lose myself in a meaningful or beautiful song. I close my eyes and the poses become a dance to my breath. It’s a magical moment & somehow it happens in almost all classes!
Trainings: The YogaShak RYT(r) 200 Program lead by Kelly Armstrong & Patti Ragone.
Guilty pleasure: Swedish fish

Jessica Gomez – RYT® 200

Secret super power: Making people feel and look Beautiful. In addition to yoga I am also a certified hairstylist.
Best advice: “no amount of regret can change the past and no amount of worry can change the future.”
Worst advice: Wait Till Tomorrow.
Makes you laugh: Literally Anything and everything. I’m a goofball.
Turns you on: Great finds in the clearance section and FOOD.
Favorite moment in a Yoga class: That moment when everyone is moving and breathing together as one.
Trainings: 200 RYT and a bunch of workshops.
Guilty Pleasure: White cheddar popcorn

Annie Larson – RYT® 200

Secret super power: I have great weather while on vacation karma.
Best advice: Find your joy and follow your passion.
Worst advice: Anything that starts with “You know what you should do…”
Makes you laugh: Game nights with friends and family—charades or Pictionary.
Turns you on: A brilliant mind.
Favorite moment in a Yoga class: The moment just before shavasana.
Trainings: 200 RYT and a bunch of workshops.
Guilty Pleasure: Shopping for antiques.

Natalee Mapp – RYT® 200

Secret super power: Making Wine Disappear.
Best advice: Before you talk, LISTEN. Before you react, THINK. Before you spend, EARN. Before you criticize, WAIT. Before you pray, FORGIVE. Before you quit, TRY.
Worst advice: Never go to bed angry.
Makes you laugh: Anyone who doesn’t take life so seriously…my husband’s one liners when I least expect it and when he acts like a big kid, our kids interactions with each other, intoxicating girls weekends, cutting up with coworkers, replaying memories with friends and making new ones, and a few tv shows (Fixer Upper, SNL, The Big Bang Theory).
Turns you on: My funny, smart, and selfless hunk of a husband…and the beautiful life we have been blessed with.
Favorite moment in a Yoga class: Each time I connect with my breath and rediscover the comfort, energy, and clarity it can bring. And when I discover something new in a pose I have done many times before.
Trainings: Lifepower 200 Hour YYT
Guilty Pleasure: Anything dark chocolate!

Colleen McHale, RYT® 200

Secret super power: Ability to participate in multiple conversations simultaneously.
Best advice: “This too shall pass.”
Worst advice: “Just do it.”
Makes you laugh: Will Ferrell, Maya Rudolph and toddlers.
Turns you on: Leonardo DiCaprio and clearance sales!
Favorite moment in a yoga class: Savasana after an 8hr workshop with 400 people.
Trainings: RYT 200 hr
Guilty pleasure: The Real Housewives of anywhere….

Jenny Moore, RYT® 200

Secret super power: Calm – I am very calm, rational, and easily diffuse stressful situations.
Best advice: “You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free” Thich Nhat Hanh – I apply this to everyone I love and hold dear to me, I never want to hold someone back.
Worst advice: “Fake it till you make it” – It is okay to not be okay, take the time to feel, you grow from this space.
Makes you laugh: Physical or witty humor, especially when it is least expected and always at the most inappropriate of times, nothing makes me laugh harder!
Turns you on: Warm positive energy, passionate people, I’m drawn to these vibes.
Favorite moment in a yoga class: Savasana, all day, every day.
Trainings: Yogashak RYT 200 Teacher Training
Guilty pleasure: Naps – I power nap every day, sometimes as little as 15 minutes, sometimes longer, it’s my reset button.

Theresa Nie, RYT® 200

Secret super power: Teaching math and making it fun for kids!
Best advice: Pray continually.
Worst advice: You don’t need to wear a bike helmet.
Makes you laugh: Watching my cat, Pi, randomly try to hide in my backpack or in a shopping bag.
Turns you on: Sunrise runs or bike rides with my husband.
Favorite moment in a yoga class: Finding peace and strength as I breathe and let go of any worries.
Trainings: YogaShak RYT 200
Guilty pleasure: Dark roasted coffee with coconut oil and cocoa powder

Shreya Patil, RYT® 200

Secret super power: I’m easily amused and entertained.
Best advice: No act of kindness is ever wasted.
Worst advice: Sleep when you’re dead.
Makes you laugh: My husband
Turns you on: Kindness
Favorite moment in a yoga class: When you feel your movement and breath flow together as one.
Trainings: YogaShak RYT 200

Guilty pleasure: Dark Chocolate and Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Glenn Payne, RYT® 200

Secret super power: It’s at full strength only when I’m near or on the water…
Best advice: Always be present and live in the moment.
Worst advice: There’s always tomorrow.
Makes you laugh: People enjoying “Trust Yoga” (a.k.a., AcroYoga)
Turns you on: A playful and caring spirit
Favorite moment in a yoga class: When my eyes close and my Breath takes over…nothing else matters!
Trainings: RYT 200 hr, Paddle Board Yoga Certified, AcroYoga
Guilty pleasure: Chocolate Cake, Cheese Cake and Bread Pudding…(Judgement-Free Zone)

Patti Ragone – E-RYT® 500

Secret super power: I can find fun and laughter in everything!
Best advice: “Don’t take yourself too seriously.”
Worst advice: “Use your head, not your heart.”
Makes you laugh: Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrel & Kevin Hart.
Turns you on: Kind, compassionate people and really loud music!
Favorite moment in a yoga class: I really can’t name just one, I am blessed.
Trainings: Oh so many and I am so grateful for them all!
Guilty pleasure: Chocolate, peanut butter & coconut protein shake.

Cindy Rigoli, RYT® 200

Secret super power: I can move mountains (of laundry).
Best advice: Don’t settle.
Worst advice: Don’t give to charity, save it for yourself, you’ll need it later.
Makes you laugh: My boys (they’re so funny!)
Turns you on: Cooking shows – I love Paul and Mary!
Favorite moment in a yoga class: The moment when you forget everything else and just breathing in the pose.
Trainings: Yoga Shak RYT 200 and 2015 Drishti Yoga RYT 200
Guilty pleasure: Good cheese, crusty bread and wine; also ANYTHING chocolate.