The YogaShak | Yoga FAQ
Read some of our helpful hints and F.A.Q.'s to consider when visiting The YogaShak for the first time as well as some common questions we get about our yoga studio.
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New to yoga? No worries!

We offer a welcoming, safe, and open environment. Below are some helpful hints and F.A.Q.’s to consider when visiting us for the first time.

Still have questions or just want to talk? Contact us now.

First though, some yoga etiquette…
  • No shoes in the yoga room
  • Please enter mindfully as some people might be in pre-class meditation
  • If you are saying hello and chatting with fellow students, please keep your voice down
  • No cell phones in the yoga room
  • No heavy perfumes
  • If you must leave before savāsana (generally the last 5-10 minutes of class), please leave 5 or more minutes prior (but take savāsana before you leave as it is truly an important part of a complete practice session)

Helpful Tips for Beginners

Arrive a few minutes early

This will give you a chance to get into the room, set up, and center yourself for your class. This is especially true for our classes because we heat all our classes to about 90° so arriving a few minutes early will give your body a chance to adjust to the temperature.

Listen to your body

Your postures may not look like anyone else’s. We are all in a different place with our practice. We have blocks and straps in the studio to assist you. A yoga class is a community and we honor every student’s practice. At The YogaShak, we want to provide you with a competition-free environment where you feel safe and supported. Your teachers and fellow students are here to support you.

If you get tired, lose your breath, or just need a break, take child’s pose. This is a resting posture and your teacher can show you so just ask before class starts.

Breath (and then breath some more)

You will hear your teacher talk about Ujayii (“victorious”) breathing. This is a method of breathing that helps to build heat in the body, increase your flexibility and strength, calm the nervous system, and focus the mind. If you lose your breath or feel light headed, let up on the posture, regain your Ujayii breath, and pick up wherever the class is whenever you are ready.

Bring out your inner child

Have fun, wobble, tumble, and laugh!

Bring your child-like curiosity and explore the sensations on your mat. There will be many and sometimes they can be challenging. Approaching your practice in this way helps to keep you humble and makes the challenges more like adventures!

Hands-on adjustments from an instructor can assist your practice

If you prefer not to be adjusted, let the teacher know before class begins. However, all of our teachers are trained in the art of assists and assists can deepen your practice and help you find new edges that you may not even realize you can achieve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any equipment (a yoga mat, towel, etc.)?

No. We rent or sell everything you may need. We rent mats, towels, Yogitoes® (specialized, non-slip mat towels) as well as water for sale.

How much do classes cost?

Depends. Check out our class rates. The bigger the class package you buy, the less you are paying per class.

How do I sign up for classes?

Scheduling your classes online is the best way to guarantee yourself a spot. We hold the spots for reservations until five minutes before class starts, then we begin giving spots away to walk-ins. So, it’s best to show up 10-15 minutes before class.

How hot are the classes?

Our classes are heated to 90°. The heat relaxes your muscles and allows you to take your practice to another level.

How often should I practice?

Consistency is the key to success in yoga. Practicing 2-3 days per week will help you achieve a transformation over time but for life changing results practice 4-5 days per week.

How can I learn more about yoga?

We offer private yoga, and workshops and events for those looking to learn more and deepen their yoga practice. We also offer a teacher training program if you want to learn to teach. Our teacher training program is not just about learning to teach though–it’s a deep course in yoga, its history, etc. All of our teachers are available before and after class to answer questions. And, of course, attending more and more classes will help you create muscle memory.

Can I bring my child to class?

Your child may join you for class if she is at least age 14. If your child is age 16 or older, she may come to classes on her own after her guardian signs our waiver. Because this style of yoga is more strenuous than others, if your lil’ yogi is under age 14, we are sorry, they may not come to class.