ABSolutely Core (Non-Heated)

Core strengthening at its best!

From your Shoulder to your Thighs, this Mat Pilates class works your core to strengthen your entire body. Join us for this 30 minutes series of dynamic poses to get ABSolutely stronger! All levels welcome and encouraged.

Aerial Yoga (Non-Heated)

Come fly with us!

The Aerial Flow class offers a strong foundation, creating the strength and awareness needed to navigate on the aerial silks safely and securely. All movements are broken down into a step by step process, helping you to become comfortable and confident with getting your feet off the ground. You will experience fun, yet challenging sequences and stand-alone postures using the silks.
The Aerial Restore class is a Restorative class utilizing the aerial silks for a unique way to find total relaxation. Swaddled and supported by the aerial silks and other traditional props, postures are held for an extended period of time allowing the Central Nervous System time to completely let go.
All levels welcome and encouraged!

Space in this class is limited due to the equipment needed for each student, therefore we ask that you sign-up for the class ahead of time. Participation in the class will not be allowed once the class is full.

Afternoon Delight (Heated)

The YogaShak Afternoon Delight allows you to get 60 minutes of strong vinyasa flow before evening activities.

Like our other heated vinyasa style classes, you will cultivate strength and find release in the body while encouraging your mind to ease and your focus to become clear.

Same awesome format as “The Hottie”!

FUNdamentals (Non-Heated)

FUNdamentals is designed as an introduction to the practice of vinyasa yoga. This class is non-heated, offers additional cueing and moves at a slower pace than our other classes.

Mornin’ Quickie

The YogaShak Mornin’ Quickie is the perfect way to kick-start your day! Whether heated or non-heated, this class is a 60-minute, strong vinyasa flow that promises to strengthen and lengthen your entire body.

No fuss, no muss ~ this class is the perfect cross-training option to round out your fitness and sports activities.

Sculpt-ur-asana (Non-Heated)

Sculpt-ur-asana is YogaShak’s version of yoga sculpt or “yoga with weights”. This non-heated class blends traditional strength training moves with yoga postures in an energetic and fun way to sculpt and tone from head to toe.

Some Like It Slow (Mildly Heated)

The Some Like it Slow class provides postures that range from gentle to challenging done in a fluid, stable and self-centering way.

This mildly heated practice is suitable for all levels and gives students ample opportunity to experience mindfulness of movement and awareness of breath.

Sunrise Yoga (Non-Heated)

Join us for a non-heated, Hatha practice. Hatha, broken down simply means “Sun” {Ha}, and “Moon” {tha}, the physically balanced practice of Yoga.

In this class we will offer a gentle awakening stretch to strengthen and prepare your mind, body, and soul for a balanced and successful day. All levels welcome and encouraged!

The Hottie (Heated)

A creative flow class performed in a heated room that includes hands-on assists, and uplifting music and messaging.

This class is open to students of all levels and will leave you feeling energized and inspired.

Yin Yoga (Not Heated)

Yin Yoga is a natural balance to all of your “Yang” activities providing a meditative practice using gentle, longer-held postures to allow for deep opening in the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis and spine.

The practice focuses on connective tissue ~ benefiting the hips, knees, spine, shoulders and your general flexibility.

Although challenging, the longer held postures imbue a feeling of balance, calm, and bliss!